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2-Chamber CrioSpace Cabin

2-Chamber CrioSpace Cabin is a hi-tech medical system for general air cryotherapy without liquid nitrogen, which includes a pre-chamber and a cryotherapy chamber.

2-chamber CrioSpace Cabin ..

Production: Germany

Protexo unit is developed for patients with allergic asthma. It protects breathing area from allergenic agents with the help of laminar flow of slightly cooled air at night (TLA-sytem). TLA-system ..

Production: Sweden
3-chamber CrioSpace Cabin

3-Chamber CrioSpace Cabin presents the same characteristics as the 2-chamber Crio Space Cabin The main distinction is an additional pre-chamber, so that temperature changes more gradually:

Production: Germany
Turnkey CryoBank

There is a limited number of cryobanks of good quality in the world. We propose a solution that combines the best of these cryobanks. Our practical experience encourages us to make a pefect mixture..



About "Cryotec"

  Welcome to Cryotec Company new website started in 2010 where we announced new generation of the equipment for general and local air cryotherapy from Germany, in particular, well known German air cryosaunas CryoSpace - Crio Space Cabin without liquid nitrogen and with 2 (-60°С and -110°С) or 3 (-10°С, -60°С and-110°С) chambers. Due to essentially improved characteristics of the cascade refrigerating machine, for example, maximal power consumption is decreased from 25 kW to 18 kW, and time between oil replacements in the compressors of the cascade refrigerating machine is increased from 1000 to 2800 working hours in cooling mode, we can guarantee to our customers long, uninterrupted and comfortable equipment operation in the medical centers and health resorts, and also in the centers of training and rehabilitation for professional athlets.

Unique single-chamber air cryosauna Criohome (-85°С) for SPA, fitness centers and home care essentially improved its characteristics due to power consumption reduction and increasing time between oil replacements in compressors almost by 3 times.

CryoJet - CryoJet Air units for local air cryotherapy using cold air stream with temperature of -32°С, -40°С and -60°С, which became the standard equipment for the physiotherapeutic cabinets and departments, now have new original design and excellent reliability due to non-failure operation.

We also offer in Russia and the CIS states completely new technology for allergic asthma treatment using Protexo unit with TLA (Temperature controlled Laminar Airflow) technology, developed by Swedish company Airsonett.

In any case, you will find original cryogenic and low temperature equipment for medicine, industry and agriculture, as well as brand-new technology on our website.